We are a people of all nations, transformed by the love of Jesus, bringing Him to every street, every community, and every area of life.


To help people know God and discover who they are created to be,
To grow in maturity with God and each other,
To go into the world as ambassadors of God’s love,
To demonstrate His kingdom together.


Jesus Is Our Passion

We are head over heels for our Saviour-fully devoted to hearing His voice and following His ways. Forever changed by His extravagant love for us, we are alive to know Him and make Him known.

Kingdom Is Our Culture

We are marked by miracles and Holy Spirit inspired living. Dedicated to our mission to bring heaven to earth as we encounter God’s presence and are empowered by Christ in us.

Worship Is Our Lifestyle

We demonstrate our love and adoration for who God is and all He has done for us 24/7, 365.

Generosity Is Our Privilege

We freely give to God all we have, living with open hands and open hearts. From that which we have been given, we freely give.

Excellence Is Our Spirit

We always bring our best with no half measures. Our hearts set on things done well for a purpose.

Honour Is Our Hallmark

We celebrate others in their God-given gifts and roles, and call out the best in each other. We honour God, others and ourselves.

Serving Is Our Way

We embrace our leadership by following the example of Jesus—our servant king—and are made strong by serving Him and each other.

Truth Is Our Compass

The living and active Word of God defines our truth and shapes our perspective of the world, ourselves and others.

Hope Is Our Song

We sing freedom over every neighbourhood, every street and every home, restoration for all people and all nations.

Family Is Our Heart

We find our home in each other, gathered around the Father’s heart. Together is how we roll. We are all in, all for Christ and no one left behind.


Carleton Place

Etienne + Rachael
Ken + Julie
Jono + Julie
Steve + Sarah

Central Ottawa

Rafael + Megan
Ben + Maryann


Célestin + Espérance
Guerson + Grâce


Jacob + Yvonne
Isak + Allison